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Is lighter better? Often people ask this question and my answer is always “not always”.
Each cello have different characteristics both in shape and size therefore especially in different hands it will even sound different.
Some cellos are lighter, some are heavier, not just the thickness of the wood but the weight and density of the wood as well. So, my suggestion is to try everything just like we try so many different brands of strings , put it on and let it settle for a week or two and see if that’s the feel you like.
As a cellist, I care more about if a product can make me play better rather than does it make my cello sound brighter, louder, deeper, more focus etc. If it can help me play cleaner with less effort or it can make me play faster, or make me feel more confident playing next to a 9’ grand piano, that’s should be more important than which tailpiece is lighter thus must sound better, not in my opinion. Now if only we can have a product that can automatically help us play more in tune....
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World's first pitch-tuning tailpiece

Unleash the natural power of your instrument, with the help of modern science, technology and materials, while following the principles of traditional violin making.

The Stellar Reviews Are Already Coming In!

Possibly the most important innovation for the cello of our century. The tonal enhancement it offers cannot possibly have a price affixed to it.

Robert DeMaine Principal Cello, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Increase in power and, especially in the middle strings, of clarity, is enough to persuade me that I’d never want to give up this new dimension I’ve discovered.

Eugene Drucker Emerson String Quartet

It is a bigger difference than any strings, or any adjustment, bridge, strings, or soundpost I’ve ever tried on my instrument. This is the real thing.

Brinton Smith Principal Cello, Houston Symphony
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The World's Lightest Tailpiece

Using carbon fiber and composite materials, we create custom handmade tailpieces for the finest string instruments.

More focus

More resonance

More volume

Clear tone

Faster response

Easier to play

Violin: 7 grams+, Viola: 9 grams+, Cello: 28 grams+, Bass: 65 grams+
Screw (1 gram) & Arm (5 grams) are made of Titanium

All handmade by artisans

Invented by a cellist, each tailpiece is carefully handcrafted by our skilled artisans in the USA.

As seen in The Strad magazine
The Strad, October 2016
The Strad Accessories, 2016
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