World's first pitch-tuning tailpiece

Unleash the natural power of your instrument, with the help of modern science, technology and materials, while following the principles of traditional violin making.

Not all carbon fiber tailpiece is the same and lighter is not always better. Each Tonal Tailpiece is hand crafted from the beginning to the end with the utmost care and dedication by Ken and his staff, the entire making procedure can only be done by hand and not by machines. Just like making a fine violin, each step require precision as well as patience and most of all a passion for the highest quality. Please do not accept imitation products.

the New Generation 2
Cello Tailpiece

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Stellar Reviews Keep Coming In!

It transformed the projection, brilliance, and flexibility of my sound, giving me more dynamic range and color to work with in my playing.

Zlatomir Fung 2019 Tchaikovsky cello competition gold medalist

Possibly the most important innovation for the cello of our century. The tonal enhancement it offers cannot possibly have a price affixed to it.

Robert DeMaine Principal Cello, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Increase in power and, especially in the middle strings, of clarity, is enough to persuade me that I’d never want to give up this new dimension I’ve discovered.

Eugene Drucker Emerson String Quartet

It is a bigger difference than any strings, or any adjustment, bridge, strings, or soundpost I’ve ever tried on my instrument. This is the real thing.

Brinton Smith Principal Cello, Houston Symphony

The sound I had always hoped for in that instrument went from dull, uninteresting, and lackluster, to brilliant, resonant, and projecting.

Kurt Muroki Professor of Music, Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University

You get the feeling that the strings reach a level of vibrancy that is off the charts, and every fiber of the cello is activated.

Debbie Brooks Owner of Music Contracting and Production Company
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The World's Lightest Tailpiece

Using carbon fiber and composite materials, we create custom handmade tailpieces for the finest string instruments.

More focus

More resonance

More volume

Clear tone

Faster response

Easier to play

Violin: 7 grams+, Viola: 9 grams+, Cello: 28 grams+, Bass: 65 grams+
Screw (1 gram) & Arm (5 grams) are made of Titanium

All handmade by artisans

Invented by a cellist, each tailpiece is carefully handcrafted by our skilled artisans in the USA.

As seen in The Strad magazine
The Strad, October 2016
The Strad Accessories, 2016
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