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Dear Ken,
thank you very much for sending me a viola and a violin tailpiece. They came about a week ago in a smart looking class box, and I installed them carefully over the next few days.
I was lucky and did not damage the instruments or their sound posts!
The result is remarkable: there is an unexpected "enthusiasm" in the tone of the instruments. I don't want to call it louder, because the quality of sound has improved more than volume.
The intensity of the sound under the ear has an incredible, stimulating effect on my playing - and it has not changed or impacted the sweetness of sound of either instrument, which is why I play these instruments, and which I like a lot. of course.
So, THANK YOU to you and Andrew for making all this possible for me!
The very bestest of best wishes for you and your enterprises, as well as for your musical career. Hope to be able to welcome you to Vancouver, Canada, one of these years!
Peter Rohloff
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Many thanks to Kenneth Kuo for the invention of the fantastic Tonal Tailpiece.
Since I have replaced my Buxbom Bois de Harmonie tailpiece with Tonal Tailpiece since March 2017, it has helped enormously to open up the sound quality on my old Italian cello. It gives much more overtones, clarity, stability and depth of the sound.
It is suitable to the solo playing as well as orchestral and chamber music.
The projection of the cello feels much deeper and louder but for my impression its also easier to play really soft, dolce and pianissimo. My colleges at the Gothenburg Opera and students reacted very positive and got great impressions of the tailpieces and how the cello sounds. I really look forward to try it soon on my second cello, a modern Montagnana copy.

I highly recommend all string players to try this new product by Mr. Kuo that sets a whole new standard for tailpieces.

Hampus Linderholm
Principal of GothenburgOpera, Sweden
Teacher at Örebro Academy of Music

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Bangkok Thailand and Taiwan 11/28-12/11
Place your orders today.
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Type of Instrument: ViolinViolaCelloDouble Bass

Maker of Instrument:

Year was made:

*For Cello only*

Fine Tuner: With Fine TunerNo Fine Tuner

Measure the bottom of the cello, the width should be around 44cm:

Model FR for larger than 44cmModel FE for smaller than 44cm



  • Violin version: $350 and comes with 1 titanium fine tuner on the E string. French or Hill style available.
  • Viola version: $450.
  • Cello version: $800 for no fine tuners, $1,200 with titanium fine tuners.
  • Bass version: $1,000.


  • 30 days complimentary trial
  • We accept check, money order, credit card (please add 3%), PayPal, and bank transfer.
  • 12 months interest free payment plan is available.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on the tailpiece body.
  • Dealers welcome